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Our 2023–24 season

We're excited to announce our 2023–24 season, "Music in Flight"! Tickets are now available for purchase. Please see our Concert Schedule page for more information.

Fundraiser — Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 2023

Every year the Toronto Chamber Choir participates in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge. While none of us are quite up to running the full 42 km distance, a small team of intrepid choir members take part in the challenge, walking or running what we can to raise funds for the TCC. This event has become an important way of raising money and awareness for the choir, and showing how much we care about supporting Early Music performance in our city. Here's a photo of our team from 2021.

The fundraising site is open until the end of October 2023, and we would be grateful if you would support our cause here.


If you or someone you know might like to audition for the choir, check out our Join the TCC page for more information.

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You can get to know us through our blog, our YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram. There you'll find a great variety of content about the music and musicians we love so much.

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Lucas Harris, Artistic Director

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