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2022–23: A Season of Musical Vision

In the late 1960s, the TCC’s founder, Annegret Wright, had the musical vision to form a new choir that would sing early music with a particular speciality in interpreting music of the German Baroque. The TCC’s first audiences were treated to performances of not only the music of J.S. Bach but also that of seventeenth-century German masters upon whose shoulders Bach stood. This season we’ll focus on three of these composers and their brilliant visions of how elements of the new Italian style could be used in composing music that nonetheless sounds unmistakably German. We’ll top off this German seventeenth-century intensive with a program featuring musicians who would not allow their physical blindness to obscure their musical vision.

“Tell me, true Love!”  
An Intimate Evening of Song:
Fundraiser in support of the Toronto Chamber Consort
Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 7:00 pm, at Heliconian Hall

The TCC is thrilled to offer this IN-PERSON fundraiser in support of our Toronto Chamber Consort section lead program.

Joining us will be current Consort members Anna Kwiatkowska (soprano) and Nicholas Nicolaidis (tenor), as well as our special guest, alumna Elisabeth Hetherington (soprano), who will be here on holiday from her busy career in the Netherlands. Elisabeth was part of our inaugural Consort in 2014–15.

In the presence of an intimate gathering of music lovers, each of the three will introduce and perform a few of their favourite songs, with TCC Artistic Director Lucas Harris providing accompaniment on lute, theorbo, and early guitar.

No tickets are required, but guests must RSVP (link coming soon) and should be prepared to make a donation to support the program in any amount (or already be a TCC donor this season). Drinks and nibbles will be offered in an environment where face masks are optional.

If you cannot attend but would still like to support our Consort program, we’d be grateful if you’d consider making a donation here.

We look forward to having you join us!


"Musical Vision: A Brief History of Music and Blindness" (Kaffeemusik)
in collaboration with Balance for Blind Adults
Sunday, May 7, 2023 @ 3:30 pm, at Calvin Presbyterian Church

Michelle McQuigge, narrator
Michael Arnowitt, piano
Julia Seager Scott, historical harps

From Homer to Stevie Wonder, Western music history is filled with brilliant musicians who were blind or visually impaired. In this new Kaffeemusik, the TCC and friends feature music by these gifted artists who did not let their lack of sight cloud their musical vision. We’re pleased to welcome some special guests, including distinguished CBC journalist Michelle McQuigge. Alongside her guide dog Lucy, Michelle will surprise us with true tales about blind harpers in Ireland and Wales, the blind pianist Maria Theresia von Paradis (for whom Mozart may have written a piano concerto), the charlatan surgeon who botched cataract surgery on both Bach and Handel, Louis Braille’s adaptation of his writing system to music notation, and much more. Featuring a new commission by pianist Michael Arnowitt.


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