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A message from Artistic Director Lucas Harris:

Are you interested in auditioning for the TCC?  It's a fantastic group to sing with and an amazing organization filled with great people.

Right now the choir is of course on hiatus, so we're not holding auditions.

However, under more normal circumstances the TCC is always interested in considering new singers to join our ranks. I don’t hold auditions on a certain date, but rather at any point during the year as necessary. New members sometimes join the choir mid-season when we begin rehearsing a new program.

If you’d like to hear what we sound like to know whether we’re a good fit for you, please check out the Soundcloud links on our Recordings page. Please also read through the list of expectations below.

If you are interested in auditioning as soon as the choir is active again, please send me an email at any time.  Please include your voice type and a few sentences about you. I’m especially interested in details of your previous choral experience (choirs/conductors you have worked with).

I‘m looking forward to hearing from you!



What’s expected of TCC members

TCC members should have excellent choral skills (accuracy with pitch, rhythm, languages, ability to follow a conductor, etc.). Because the TCC specializes in Baroque and Renaissance music, having a special love for that repertoire is a bonus.

It’s important that everyone in the TCC has a positive and team-spirited attitude. We want to foster an environment where members support one another and joyful group singing happens.

We take attendance seriously, and unavoidable absences must be announced with as much notice as possible. You are responsible for getting notes/markings from any missed rehearsals from another choir member. Regular rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 10 in the German Parish Hall just next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dundas/McCaul). We hold an additional dress rehearsal before each of our four annual concerts, usually on a Friday night or Saturday morning or afternoon. A couple of times per year we also hold Saturday “retreats” (either full or half-day), often with special guests.

You must take responsibility for practising your music between rehearsals as necessary to keep pace with the choir’s work.

$250/year is our suggested annual dues payment. If necessary, you can pay less: we believe finances shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone who wants to sing with us. You can also make dues contributions in instalments, and at any time during the season.

Many TCC members donate more than this amount according to their means. Many raise funds for the choir in other ways such as joining our team of runners/walkers in the Scotiabank 5K Run.

The TCC is run on a volunteer basis by its choir members, and all members are expected to volunteer in some way according to their skills and interest. There are many areas where you can help, whether assisting with fundraisers, giving rides home to our high school apprentices, or joining the choir’s executive committee.

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