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July 6, 2020
Author: Lucas Harris


Hello, friends of the Toronto Chamber Choir!

We all hope this note finds you healthy and safe.

Although our situation is frustrating, frightening, and uncertain, it is so crucial that we all keep our spirits up! And that we think often of all the positive developments that have occurred:

Air pollution is down. For many, the frantic pace of daily life has relaxed, and we've had the chance to form deeper connections with our spouses, kids, and other family. Some of us have had time to do things we've been meaning to do for years. Mouth-watering meals have been prepared and enjoyed. People are connecting with one another online as never before and are finding ways not only to stay connected but also to teach, share, and perform. It is in this spirit of staying connected that we launch this new page of our website, which we hope you will visit often!

As for the Toronto Chamber Choir, although we all desperately miss making music with one another, we're deciding to be cautious and not make any plans to perform until we can find a safe and satisfying way to do so. But what music we're going to make when we're back together again!

In the meantime, please enjoy this video we prepared to show you what the TCC members have been up to during our lockdown time. We decided to use a track from our Voice of Her Own CD, Clara Schumann's "Vorwärts," which expresses the idea of continuing to move forward even in difficult times:

Stop dreaming, don’t hesitate / to wander on tirelessly!
When you are at the end of your strength / 'onward' is the right word.

We at the TCC thank you as always for supporting us. Please stay safe, and please bookmark this page!


Lucas Harris
TCC Artistic Director


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